What Is A Tumbler Press Machine?

It could be great and fun to use a tumbler press machine at home with your kids. It improves fun time together while giving you the most gorgeous designs every time. However, the machine is using a certain amount of temperature plus pressure to transfer images on mugs or tumblers. Also, the machine uses permanent transfer that would be embedded into the items.

Tumbler Press Variety Of Usage:

You can use a tumbler press machine on mugs and tumblers.

1. For Mugs

For mugs, the machine has a specific temperature and pressure that is going to be transferred on the mug. Choose the machine that offers transfers on different types of mugs like glass, ceramic, and more.

2. For Tumblers

For tumblers, the tumbler press machine allows you to design your favorite on the go tumbler with your name printed on it. Additionally, tumblers are a type of cup without handles and they are made of different materials like stainless steel, plastic, ceramic, or glass.

Characteristics Of Tumbler Press Machine

1. Changing heat pressure

Every tumbler press machine has a changing heat pressure option which needs to be adjusted through a tiny screw. Manufacturers make sure to send every accessory the machine needs to work properly.

2. Testing the point of the pressure

Once you are done with adjusting the heat pressure, now it is time to test the pressure before making the original design. You can test it on any paper so that you will know if the heat is suitable enough or not.

3. Stable structure

Of course, the machines have a design that makes them stable while standing on any flat surface. Make sure to use the machine on a flat surface to avoid any bad printing experience.

4. Precise control

With precise controlling features, anyone can transfer the images on tumbler and mugs without any confusion. These machines have a good control over pressure and temperature.

5. Quality attachments

Every machine has its own attachments and needed accessories. You will get a complete box of quality attachments plus additional accessories that will be helped operating the machine.

Preparations before starting tumbler press machine:

  1. First, make sure to make your patterns according to the item’s size.
  2. Take your second step to print out a pattern with sublimation ink on sublimation paper.
  3. Now, take a hold back and cut your design (the printed pattern).
  4. Here you will also get a heat tape in the box with the machine, use it to manage the pattern to the surface of the mug.
  5. It is all ready now! The use of a tumbler press machine is quite easy if you learn it carefully along with all the mentioned instructions given inside the box.


A tumbler press machine is a great choice to make your own DIY designs on your favorite mugs. The machine is very reliable and made with strong and durable material that would be safe for a long run. Also, don’t forget to check all the manual instructions of your machine before using it, some manufacturers put extra care and precautions to use the tumbler press at home.



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