How to Choose the Right Hotdog Boxes for Your Business?

Americans consume a lot of hot dogs. In fact, according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, we eat about 20 billion hot dogs every year. These stats mean that starting a hotdog business is not such a bad idea. But other than finding a good hotdog recipe and a place to start your business what else do you need to stand out from the crowd?

Yes, you guessed it right! A Catchy packaging box to make a style statement for your hot dogs! This can be done with an aesthetic customized hot dog box with your logo and taglines in the saturated market. Let’s look at the features and how can you choose the right hot dog boxes for your business. Let’s go!

How to Choose a Hotdog Box?

Following are some of the things you will have to choose to get it right for your business:

Box Size

Hot dog boxes are available in all sizes, but it is up to you to choose wisely as per your product. If your hotdog is tiny and the box is wide, it gives the impression of too less quantity. But if your hot dog is large and the boxes are too small that the product gets fixed in it. This will make it inconvenient for the on-goers to stop and have a bite at the bus stop or while walking on the street. Make sure the size of the box complements the size of your hot dog.

Color Schemes

Adding fresh and funky colors, be it solid or a combination gives life to the packing and your overall brand. Think of a color you want your brand to be associated with and go for it. Creating an exclusive theme affiliated with your business instantly gives away your desired vibe. So, choose the color that represents you and your business,

Style of Boxes

Although any style, be it fancy or simple, can do for a hotdog, but choosing a unique style will help appeal to and attract more and more people to try your product. Hot dog boxes come in different styles; boxes with attachable lids, open containers, detachable lids, foldable boxes, one box for a single hot dog, one box for multiple hotdogs, open and shut boxes, etc.

Try to be innovative with style and make sure it is easy to carry. Keep the quality of the box high. It should be lightweight yet sturdy. They shouldn’t rip easily just getting wet from the sauces.

Printing on the box

Go for custom printing designs such as fonts and graphics to draw public attention toward your brand. Keep it fun yet elegant. Also, make sure that the printing doesn’t fade away and is smooth. This will represent your brand, so, make sure it sends the right message.

Final Word

Besides all the features mentioned above, you can also laminate the hotdog boxes to give them an enticing glazed look. This will protect the box from dirt or easy tears.

Consider the hotdog packing a canvas to spill your creativity on. Imagine how you want your business to be perceived and what flavors your hot dog offers. If you have a wide range, you can develop a design and tagline for each flavor, with the basic theme staying the same. This will make your product look exclusive.




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