Commercial Refrigerant Phase-Out

Smart commercial HVAC contractors are paying attention to how the phase out of HCFCs will effect their equipment and businesses. Colorado laws are even stricter than most national regulations. This means Denver HVAC and heating and air conditioner repair companies should consider the many applications that currently use R-22 refrigerant that will be phased out. Supermarket refrigerator cases, and walk in freezers, ice cream machines, and vending machines are just some opportunities that Denver HVAC companies should pay attention to. All of these locations are examples of places that will some day need new non HCFC refrigerant.

There are several alternatives to R-22 endorsed by the EPA Refrigerator Repair Los Angeles, although they have varying levels of effectiveness. Each alternative has different end-uses they are most effective in. A good HVAC company needs to consider what alternative to use and how these alternatives may effect existing refrigeration equipment. Air conditioning repair in Denver needs to take into account the area’s needs. HCFC production will be halved this year, 2010. This significant production reduction may create a giant supply shortfall. One thing contractors can do is increase unit efficiency by reducing leak rates. Better recovery practices can reduce the need for Denver A/C repair.

Commercial refrigerant replacements have a their own performance positives and negatives. One major problem is the interaction between mineral oil and these refrigerants. Most places will need new equipment married to a specific refrigerant replacement. Equipment owners should be notified of changes in performance caused by these sealants. The complexity of the new systems means that it the responsibility of the Denver air conditioning services contractor to educate themselves so they can inform customers. Then customers should have a review of equipment that does not meet new EPA standards.

For large scale refrigerant refilling, it is important to have a plan in place for replacement. This is a good opportunity for HVAC contractors to show their clients their wisdom and show how they are indispensable. A complete refit needs to condiser reducing leak rates, total equipment replacement or overhaul, and recovery and recycling programs.

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